Hmm, description...
Ok, I've some flashbacks:
I consider myself as one FRIENDLY person, that's why I'm approachable.
The sport is a major part of my life and so I spend most of the day SWIMMING. I don't believe in perfection, but I do BELIEVE in peace and if there's one thing I HATE, it's the hypocrisy.
How much more I have to DRAW myself from MEMORY?!
As you can see - I have nothing to offer here except my own CONFUSION :) Welcome!

nice tattoo

turn away

i have nothing to say
in all this darkness
everyone runs from
words that carry light
from the closed doors
of the mind

i have nothing to say
why don’t you just sit there
and die
a little
waiting for some naive
child carrying the
crippled bird of yr love
to say the things you are
afraid to say & perhaps
in a millennium or two
you will begin to understand
that naive child
was you
and you murdered him
in the darkness

— D.A. Levy

take a shot for me